Your hunting specialist in Africa!

Shingelani Safaris exercise and promote ethical hunting at all times and hunting is therefore done on foot and in the true spirit of fair chase, thus showing respect for nature and the preservation of our heritage.

Shingelani Safaris welcomes both rifle and bow hunters be it first time, leisure or discerning trophy hunters. Wing shooting is also offered and family hunts are most welcome. Shingelani Safaris has secured some of the finest hunting concession in the Bushveld where we have been hunting since 2006. The base camp is a 4 Star Lodge with exceptional staff waiting on our guests, where all hunting is done from. We offer a large variety of species ranging from small and large antelope to Buffalo at our base camp.

Shingelani Safaris offers the services of a team of highly skilled and experienced staff, which include Hunting Outfitter, Professional hunters, Trackers and Skinners who believe that a successful hunt can only be achieved through mental alertness, physical fitness and the utmost respect for nature. These fine attributes ensure that our clients achieve their hunting and adventure objectives and leave with the knowledge that they have contributed toward conservation.